Most social events – particularly concerts, film & musical events, weddings, theme parties and anniversaries - are special events and there are rarely any second chances. Be it a fun-filled soiree, a theme party or a classic black-tie conference, we craft unique, customized event spaces that you didn’t know were possible.


Weddings are events that hold a special place in our hearts. From the grandness, styling and decor to stage & crowd management, we leave no stone unturned to transform a personal event into an ever-lasting saga of celebration and togetherness.

Our expert team ensures everything is picture-perfect for the perfect couple,combining creativity, passion and flawless management to create an unforgettable wedding experience.


We adore what we do. Work for us is passion and thus, PLAY! Our expertise and strategic thinking ensures that all your events go spectacularly well.

Film & Musical Events

Managing a concert can be a daunting task. We take you through a detailed, well-structured plan that is in sync with your end goal to accommodate all essential elements of a gala extravagance!

Fashion Show

Identifying the most relevant theme for your fashion show is vital to meet audience expectations. From selecting ideal venue to using intelligent marketing tools, we go out of our way to make your show stand out.

Theme Parties

Every theme has a story waiting to be told. At Mudra 1, we uncover these heartwarming stories and connect them to countless moments of your joy & happiness.

School & College Events

We’re passionate about hosting events on campus that add value to the student's learning experience. Our ability to execute impactful events identifies/hones hidden talent and ensures a well-rounded personality development.

Sports Events

With Mudra, marathon, or for that matter sports, is no longer just another event – it’s a place to connect, share intimate moments, and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. All for one and one for all is our motto.

Club Events

From organizing club launches to New year bash and members meet and greets we are one stop for all your club events, leaving your members astonished and amazed making their experience a fun-filled and memorable one. We believe in fostering the spirit of joy and togetherness.